Our goal of improving people lives through our products is supported by five pillars of quality pharmaceutical products, customer focus, innovation, efficiency and the commitment of our people.

Oak-Faith Pharmaceutical is driven with the vision of adding value to the lives of people and to make a difference in the society at large.

Guided with the mandate to build a healthier generation from infancy, our CSR initiatives revolve around children and Adult’s health, education, as well as community service and development which has constantly spurred us to continue to make efforts towards improving the quality of life of the ordinary Nigerian from infancy to adulthood in general and the vulnerable ones in particular.

The fact that we are operating in a community makes us a corporate citizen of the community, this therefore gives us the moral obligation to share in the problems of the community and to help solve the challenges.

With the vision of building ‘an healthier generation from infancy’, we are tenaciously working towards ensuring that its entire strategic operations are hinged on the value proposition, which is to add value to the lives of the people through life-changing healthcare solutions in Nigeria and beyond.

Oak-Faith Pharmaceutical is devoted  to the general improvement of the lives of our people through provision of selfless services that cut across diverse fields of human endeavours in our modest way of giving back to the  society,  and involved in several donations to individuals, homes, agencies, communities, corporate entities in both private and public sectors as the need arises.

As part of our contribution to nation building, we allow industrial excursions to schools and institutions, grant industrial training and internship opportunities to students in higher institutions offering related courses and programmes; including holiday programmes to students of higher learning on inter semester break and those awaiting commencement of  National Youth Services Corps  service year programme.