Oak-faith Family

Our commitment to building a healthier generation begins from home as we make our employees feel home away from home where we strive to be one big happy family.

As characteristic of any ethically and morally responsible organisation, we are committed to providing more value to humanity than just profits for shareholders.

As a family the company is dedicated to make unceasing efforts at treating our employees well, preserving the environment, developing sound corporate governance, supporting humanity, fostering the good health and general wellbeing of the people.

 All these are intended to have a positive impact on the community, society, environments in which the company operates and the country at large.


As part of proposition to upgrade and reinforce our human capital development base through: manpower development, experience and skill acquisition, competitive performance enhancing, and team building, we offer regular employment opportunities.

In Oak-Faith family, our recruitment exercise is based on merit and competence induced with a high level of competitiveness and objective selective process. Applications from interested qualified candidates are welcome through our Career Opportunities Mail Box; subject to availability of vacancies.


For staff engagement, we draw on our employees’ knowledge and ideas to improve our products and services, and be innovative about how we work.

Oak-faith family make our employees proud, work better, and be more loyal to the organization by engaging them on different productive activities.   As a family that we are, our employees are engaged by fully including them as a team members, receiving regular and positive feedback, support in acquiring and developing new skills, and recognizing achievement to make the world a better place.

Well-Being Improvement

Our pursuit of building a healthier generation begins from home as we make possible effort to make our work environment less stressful by creating a favourable working culture within our work environment with the understanding of the importance of balance between work and personal life of our staff.

Promotion of healthy balance of the mind, spirit and body leading to entire welfare and absolute maximum productivity is an integral part of staff management effort because we have the knowledge that the wellness of our staff aids the achievement of business objectives.